Massaging Filler Lumps: What You Need to Know

If you can feel lumps but not see them, don't worry too much. However, if you can see them, it's recommended to do a gentle massage - only if your injector has advised you to do so. If the lumps remain after four weeks, it's best to consult a doctor. Bumps and lumps are common after lip filler injections.

Fortunately, they can be treated with a gentle massage once the initial swelling has gone down. Keep reading to learn how to massage filler lumps with a technique that will not only help soften them, but also prevent filler migration. Newer filling products are stiffer and have higher G prime indices, which measure the viscosity of fillers. If lip filler lumps persist after two weeks, they can be equalized by injecting more filler around the bumps.

If you still have lumps in your lip filler five to seven days after treatment, it's likely that they're due to the filler itself and not swelling at the injection site.